What you need to know about Dental implants

January 22, 2024

Dental implants are the ultimate solution for replacing missing teeth. As dentists we are often asked questions about dental implants, and we understand that there is a lot to consider before you embark on this treatment. In this blog we thought we would look at some frequently asked questions, and the benefits of dental implants.

Is a dental implant worth the expense?

Without a doubt yes. Most dentists say dental implants is the treatment they would choose to have to improve day to day life. Dental implants can be a cost-effective solution long term, and of course, they'll look and feel fantastic. Dental implants will enhance your life and renew your confidence. You will no longer have to choose carefully from the menu, and you will be able to enjoy a juicy steak, or a crunchy apple once more!

Missing teeth can also age you prematurely. Without the tooth the bone around the vacant area will gradually shrink in size and become weaker. This creates the ‘sunken in’ look that will age someone considerably. Dental implants can help return your appearance to its former glory. Having dental implants fitted is a worthwhile investment when you consider how much it can improve your wellbeing and confidence.

What exactly is a dental implant?

A dental implant is a small ‘post’ fitted under the gum which acts like the root of a tooth. It will securely hold in place the visible part of the replacement tooth. Traditional dentures work very well for lots of people but if you are looking for something that looks, feels, and works exactly like your own teeth then dental implants are a perfect solution. An implant will hold replacement teeth securely and you won’t need adhesives and specialistic cleaning equipment!

Are Dental implants suitable for everyone?

Dental implant treatment is suitable for most people and a full assessment will be given. Even if you have tooth decay or gum disease, your dentist can treat this prior to having a dental implant fitted.

How are dental implants inserted?

Your dentist will insert the dental implants here at the practice. We will use a local anaesthetic which will temporarily numb the area and you may feel a little pressure as we insert the implant. The surgery will take 1-2 hours.

How long will a dental implant last?

We would certainly expect dental implants to last for a very long time, certainly up to 20 years if looked after well.

Will I be able to feel a dental implant?

Just like a filling you will very quickly get used to the feeling of the implant and you will soon forget it’s even there.

Can I pay for my treatment in instalments?

Yes! Many patients take advantage of a payment plans to help spread the cost.

Are dental implants as strong as real teeth?

The bite strength of a dental implant is almost the strength of a natural tooth. If you've lived with dentures, bridges, or weak/diseased teeth for any period you will notice an immediate difference as your implants will function like real teeth.

What is the average healing time after surgery?

After the surgery you will have to wait 3-8 months for the area to heal before we can place your new teeth, we will discuss at your consultation what happens during this time and how you can aid the healing process.

How do I keep my dental implants clean?

It’s simple! You should care for your dental implants as if they were your real teeth. Brush and floss them as normal to prevent gum disease, we also recommend regular appointments with your hygienist to prolong success of the implant.

Losing your adult teeth can be really distressing. It will affect the way you look, eat, talk, and smile. Having dental implants really can make a huge difference and your new teeth will look and feel like the real thing. We love hearing from our patients, many tell us just how much dental implants have improved their daily lives. Our experienced team provide the highest quality dental care and an outstanding patient experience. If you are considering dental implants to help replace teeth, then contact us today and invest in yourself.

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